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5000+ Entrepreneurs Have Leveraged This Advanced
Guide To Build, Manage, & Scale Their Businesses Online

  • Extensively Researched Market Reports
  • Latest Trends In On-demand Industry
  • Top Features & Technology Documented
  • Major Operational Challenges & Solutions
  • Exclusive Marketing & Promotion Plan
  • Business Expansion & Funding Deck


On demand Industry: Statistics & Insights

Complete research into On-Demand industry Growth trends & potential that you can utilize as a business owner.

- In-depth insights
- Explore opportunities
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How to choose Your Vertical

We've curated some frameworks that will get you thinking in the right

- Framework to shortlist ideas
- 5 bright business ideas to get you started
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How to write a B-Plan for On-Demand business

Learn how to write a business plan, with our expert-driven step-by-step guide
for 2021

- Understand business plan elements
- Free template
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Product Development

Planning and building your on-demand business

Learn how to bring your vision for an original idea to life

- Selecting a successful business model
- Identify your service/ product partners
- Sourcing the service partners Download PDF

Understanding the importance of technology

Understand why the advancements in technology is playing a crucial role

- Define the workflow
- Important features that you should not miss out
- Types of technology and business tools to handle growth Download PDF


Succesfully building your
on-demand business

A step by step procedure on how to build your
on-demand platform

- Define the features
- Build the product
- Test, Test & Test
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Learn how to generate revenue for a new on-demand business

Low cost marketing and branding ideas for on demand business

- Proven ways to get customers in first 30 Days and scale up
- Marketing ideas to scale your ondemand business

Operational challenges and how to overcome them

Learn the most common challenges and how to overcome them

- Building a team for success
- Technology upgradations
- 10 most common challenges and businesses overcome them


Understanding new market and scaling up your on demand business

Proven growth strategies to scale your business

- Understand how to scale by expanding markets
- How to increase the range of product or services
- Use of technology to scale up

How to generate funds to scale up

The ultimate guide to raise capital for your business

- Investors and funding types
- How to choose right investors
- How to nail your pitch and pitch deck
- Insider tips for talking to investors